Mr. Ernest McMillan, Founder

Mr. Ernest McMillan was born in Dallas, Texas, and is a veteran human rights activist with a history of working through the 60's in Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia with the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee. Mr. McMillan conceived and implemented the Urban Enrichment Institute - UEI (formerly the Fifth Ward Enrichment Program Incorporated -FWEP)in June 1984 as a department of the Urban Affairs Corporation. UEI became a free standing agency of June 1, 1996 with Mr. McMillan as the executive director. UEI is a school-housed, community based primary prevention program. It is designed to pre-empt negative environmental influences and promote the positive development of high-risk, inner-city boys. UEI has served as an effective support and intervention system for young African-American and Hispanic males.

Mr. McMillan received an Associate of Arts degree in History and Government at Brazos Junior College in Texas and has completed further study in history, government, and political science at Morehouse College in Atlanta, UT Arlington, and the University of Houston at Clear Lake City, Texas.

He has extensive experience in counseling of both youth and adults. Additionally, he has worked successfully in management positions involved with the delivery of social services, organizing and planning resources, and coordinating activities to meet specific objectives. Mr. McMillan initiated the first Drug Prevention Program for African-American youth in Houston in 1981. He has developed support systems for ex-offenders and drug abusers as founder of People United for Justice for Prisoners in Dallas, Texas, and as an outpatient counselor for the Alternative Drug Abuse Program of VGS, Houston, Texas. Mr. McMillan also served as project manager for three years at the Communities-In-School program in the Wesley Elementary school, Houston.