Peer Health Educators


Research done by The Centers for Disease Control, as well as other local and national foundations, has shown that youth relate better to people within their own age group. It eliminates the "young and invincible factor" as well as provides an opportunity to see other adolescents modeling the behavior being taught. The primary purpose of the Peer Health Educators (high school males) is to educate thepredominantly African American and Latino males of theof the Fifth Ward community, between the ages of 12-19, on reproductive health issues.

These young men have provided numerous seminars for both adolescent males and females throughout Fifth Ward and the City of Houston. During the summer, these young men make presentations to many different organizations. Peer Health Educators have traveled to Cuba to give presentations on HIV/AIDS prevention to Cuban youth. Our young educators have been, or will be, trained and certified by the Red Cross or The AIDS Foundation of Houston. They have worked with Toastmasters, to develop their presentation

The Fifth Ward Enrichment Program, Inc. recently received a grant through the Adolescent Family Life Project that allows the agency to focus on promoting abstinence among our youth. FWEP is developing sessions on stress management, substance abuse and peer pressure. These subjects have direct connections to adolescent decision-making.