School-Based Projects


The Mentoring

Site Coordinators are assigned to individual school sites in the northeast quadrant of the Houston Independent School District (HISD). These project managers are responsible for the coordination of daily UEI activities and the delivery of services to youth participants. The project manager is recognized by the school's youth as their "mentor on campus".


Boys with identified academic problems have the opportunity to receive assistance with homework or to study for examinations. Academic competitions are held involving spelling skills and knowledge of historical events and the community. Outside tutoring resources (fraternities, corporations, and adult volunteers) are constantly pursued and coordinated for those students with extreme academic problems.

Life Skills

During life-skills workshops, boys receive instruction in areas of drug awareness, violence prevention, personal health and hygiene, decision-making, human sexuality, interpersonal relations, and communication skills.

Leadership Development

Strong leaders are necessary in building a healthy community. Emphasis is placed on leadership-development throughout the school year in life skills sessions. Opportunities for leadership are encouraged and evaluated at three yearly leadership retreats and during community service projects and special events.

Entrepreneurial Skills

Teenagers are given the opportunity to engage in five various business ventures: Primary components; Graphics Design, Photography, Music Appreciation, Financial Literacy and Robotics. Reading Enrichment and College Bound Preparation have been added as educational enhancements

Community Service

Special community service activities are developed at all sites during the school year. Youth volunteers assist in community health fairs, neighborhood clean-up projects, smoke detector installation at senior citizens' homes, stocking shelves at area food pantries, and coordinating voter registration drives. During the summer project, the boys perform community service projects in the morning, attend life-skills seminars in the afternoon, and participate in supervised team-building activities.